Forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead...

Forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Priceless Love

One of the deepest needs human beings must have met is the need to be loved.  Our parents are are among the first human beings to demonstrate love to us.  Yet for some, their parents demonstrated cruelty or less than loving acts towards them...  These individuals move through life in search of people who will meet that basic need only to find more heartache.  Maybe that's your story today.  Or maybe you have experienced true love and heartbreaking love.  Whatever the situation might have been for you, God is the ONLY one who can offer you "unfailing love".  What does it mean to be loved with an unfailing love?  This kind of love is limitless.  It's the kind of love that is continuous and inexhaustible.  God's never in short supply of offering out His love to you.  He will never impose limits on how much or how often He will show His love to you.  You can not do anything that would cause Him to stop loving you. 

Do you realize how priceless it is to have access to a God with this kind of love?  Can you imagine that He reached down from heaven to bring you His Son so you could experience this love?  So, if our God offers us this kind of love, why do we continue to measure His love against mere human love?  His love is not like man's love.  His ways are not like man's ways.  Know your God.  Study His Word.  Walk forward confidently knowing you ARE loved by the God of this world with an unfailing capacity to love you.  Your need is fully met in Him.

Psalm 36:7
"How priceless is your unfailing love! 
Both high and low among men find refuge in the shadow of your wings."

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Time to Build

Do you remember when your were a child and you created so much within your imagination?  The world seemed limitless with possibilities.  There were amazing shapes, colors, and textures to work with...  You could insert people, animals, buildings, places and lifestyles where you desired.  You lived the way you imagined.  Life was exciting.  Then, some how our imagination diminished.  Suddenly, we were taught that our lives were supposed to resemble others.  We lost our imagination, dreams, and hope.  Now, we wake up to the daily grind of life and wonder if this is all there is to life.

Well, I am giving YOU permission to dream a little!  Would you like to try new things?  Do you want to see some new places?  Will you reach out to new people?  Could you learn some new skills?  God does not cease to bring us new opportunities just because we've reached what the "world" calls success in life.  (ex:  an education, a job, a spouse, a child, or a certain yearly dollar amount...)  If He is drawing you to a "new thing", He will use that experience in some way to impact another person's life or even your life for His glory!

Yes, even learning a new craft could lead to mission, ministry, or gift to brighten someone's day.  Our lives are not our own, we were bought with a price.  What we do with our lives counts in eternity, but it isn't limited by what the "world" displays as "fulfilling".  Never stop growing, learning, and building your life on the Rock.  God will show you new and exciting ways to shine His light into this world.  Today, dream a little, then take action!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dropping the Baggage

Today's January 1st, 2011!  
It's New Year's Day.  
A time when most make new year's resolutions.  
A time when we look to start fresh. 
A time to let go of the past. 
Letting go of the past begins with dropping the baggage.  Easier said than done, right?  I wonder what your baggage looks like?  If you were to label each bag what would they say?  Perhaps it would say anger, disappointment, or shame.  Whatever your baggage might contain, Jesus Christ has the solution.  You can leave your unwanted baggage at the cross.  There is no need to pick it up and take it with you.  There is no reason to cling to it.  When you believe in Jesus and receive His gift of salvation, you are made new!  You are clean and white as snow.  He does not remember your sin.  When you are judged one day, God will see Jesus, not your sin.  He will see that your sins have been paid.  Past, present, and future sin...

How does this position you to move forward in Christ and in your life?  Ah, it positions you to walk in freedom.  Free of the heavy burden of your sin.  Walking in the Spirit means that He will provide what you need exactly when you need it.  There's no need to run back to the cross to pick up those old disgusting sinful bags you've relied on in the past to define you.  Jesus has given you a new name.  He's given you talent to develop, gifts to use to build up the body of Christ, and most of all, your identity in Christ. 

Your identity is vital to remember on your journey through 2011 and beyond.  You are no longer tied to the person you left at the foot of the cross or their baggage.  You may occur some consequences from those bags, but surely they will be for His glory and your refinement.  How exciting it is to know that in Christ you are made new and that even if you've been a believer for a while the same holds true.  You can leave your sin at the foot of the cross and walk in the freedom Christ offers.

Start 2011 with this in mind...  The only "bags" you need for your journey with Christ this year is the Word of God.  In it will be the truth that will continuously keep your mind renewed to the unchanging God and His unfolding plan for you and this world.  Let go of what lies behind and take hold of what lies ahead!

May God bless you all as you enter 2011!